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Turning Leaf Cabins welcomes you!

The following information will help you prepare for and plan your vacation. We ask that you take time to read all of the following policies and procedures before confirming your rental agreement. We also suggest you bring a copy on your trip, as it may help answer many of the questions you might have before, during and even after your visit.

Payment: At the time the reservation is booked, the total rental to include lodging tax, plus a non-refundable reservation fee will be charged to your credit card to hold the reservation. Turning Leaf Cabins must always have credit card number on file that matches the name on the reservation.

Reservation, Cancellation Policies and Procedures:
All reservations require FULL payment at time of booking.
All rates are based on double occupancy plus no charge for children less than 12 years of age. 
$15/night per individual over 12 years of age. 
 Maximum sleeping occupancy for “oak leaf cabin” is 9 people. 
We do not rent to anyone under the age of 25. The person making the reservation must be one of the guests who will remain at the rental property throughout the agreed upon time. The person that acknowledges and agrees to this rental agreement must be the same as the name on the credit card used for the reservation. The same person and credit card information will be secured by Turning Leaf Cabins for payment of any damages that may occur to the property by the guest(s). By checking the box that confirms you have read the policies and by providing your credit card information during the reservation process, you confirm that you are over 25 years of age.
After the agreed rental agreement is received we will contact you close to your arrival date to provide you with the necessary KEY CODES and directions. We must receive this agreement in order to complete and confirm your reservation. Your rental is NOT CONFIRMED until you agree to the terms, your credit card is charged and you receive confirmation from us.

Keys:  After your reservation is confirmed, we will contact you close to your arrival date with the code to the front gate lock box and additional code to the keyless deadbolt on the front door. Keys for the front gate shall remain inside the lockbox.  Please write down these codes so that you can access the property when you arrive.  Upon departure, you, the guest, shall be responsible for making sure that all windows and doors are closed and locked before you leave the premises. Failure to do so will forfeit your held security deposit. 

Security/Damage Deposit: A $250 security deposit will be held by Turning Leaf Cabins until a damage assessment has been performed after your departure. This deposit is NOT applied toward the rental price, and will be credited back to your card within 10 days after your departure if there are no damages or items missing.

Check–In / Check-Out : Check-in time is 3:00 PM. Guest(s) will have 1 hour to inspect the cabin and report any damage / broken objects in the cabin they feel they should not be liable for. After one hour, any damages in the cabin will be the full responsibility of the guest(s). Each cabin will be inspected after the guest(s) depart, and damages/lost items will be noted. You will be notified of a damaged/broken item that already exists in the cabin when you check-in if we are already aware of it.  Check–out time is 11:00 AM.
Late departures will result in your being charged for another day’s stay, or a minimum fine of $50.
No refunds will be given for early departures (such as should you find it necessary to leave earlier then your reserved departure date), for any reason, including weather and/or road conditions.

Cancellations: Your reservation is a contract between you and Turning Leaf Cabins that says we will hold this cabin and will not rent it out to anyone else for the time period you have reserved. Because of this, please keep in mind the following cancellation terms; any changes or cancellations to a reservation after a cabin has been reserved will result in a $50.00 change fee.  Cancellations occurring with more than 30 days notice will receive a full refund less the cancellation fee, those occurring 15 to 29 days a 50% refund, 0-14 days results in no refund. Only the guest named on the rental agreement may cancel or make changes to a reservation. A “no-show” is an automatic forfeiture of charges. We strongly recommend that whenever traveling, you purchase travel insurance to ease your mind in case of any unforeseeable cancellation issues.

Courtesy: Guest(s) understands that use of the premises shall not be such as to disturb or offend neighbors. Turning Leaf Cabins has the right to terminate this agreement and to ask disruptive guests to vacate the premises with no refund. Turning Leaf Cabins does enforce a minimum rental age of 25 and a photo ID is required upon arrival. Turning Leaf Cabins also reserves the right to refuse rental to any group. Property Management and/or office phone number (614.653.6795) should be contacted at any time during your stay should you need any assistance.

Maintenance: While Turning Leaf Cabins cannot offer refunds or discounts for any amenity malfunctions (appliances, hot tubs, TVs, fireplaces, etc.), we make every effort to perform regular maintenance upon said items to ensure good working order for all amenities. Upon arrival, Turning Leaf Cabins recommends guests report any maintenance issues immediately. If there should be a problem, Turning Leaf Cabins will make every effort to correct it as soon as possible during regular business hours.

Pets and Smoking: We do not allow pets in our cabins. Smoking is not permitted in any cabin. If you smoke in our cabins or if an unauthorized pet is reported or found, a $150.00 cleaning fine will be applied to your reservation and you will be asked to leave the premise immediately with No Refund. Smoking is permitted “outside” only and you must maintain proper cigarette disposal. Leaving cigarette butts on the grounds will result in a cleaning fee of $100.

Linens: A basic supply of linens is provided in each property to accommodate the number of people stated on your reservation. Bed linens and bath towels are not changed during your stay ,as well as bath soap, toilet tissue, paper towels and trash bags. No housekeeping is provided during the guest(s) stay until the time of check-out. 

Gas Fireplaces: Please use caution when in use as these give off a great deal of heat. Do not touch hot surfaces, place objects on top of, or close to gas fireplace as that could melt or ignite. Indoor fireplaces are to be used to create atmosphere and ambience only as all cabins have a furnace for heating purposes. For safety considerations with open gas flame – no indoor gas fireplaces should remain on while renters are asleep. Note: indoor fireplaces are available for use during cold season only.

Phone and TV: Our cabins are always supplied with a direct phone line for local calls and emergencies only.  If you plan to call anyone that is long distance, you will need a pre-paid phone card.  Our cabins also include Direct TV for your enjoyment. Any pay-per-view movies or extra subscriptions ordered during the delineation of your stay will be charged to your credit card directly. These charges will occur when we receive our monthly statement from Direct TV.

Hot Tub Usage: Hot tubs will be inspected after each rental. Guests should shower before and after usage of the hot tub because some lotions, soaps, etc., can cause a skin rash when mixed with the hot tub chemicals. If any residue from such items as soaps, bath products, food, alcohol, oils, lotions, etc. is found in the tub, the guest will be charged a cleaning fee minimum of $100.00. Damage to any cover will result in a $500.00 charge. Covers should remain over the hot tub and on lifts at all times when not in use. Guest understands that there are health risks associated with the use of hot tubs and they agree to use them with discretion, at their sole responsibility, and by following any posted instructions. Hot tubs are not approved for use by minors! Proper use of hot tubs is monitored and water found below the line of hot tub filters and/or jets will be considered abuse and the renter will be fined accordingly for any damages. Hot tubs are expensive to repair please keep this in mind and follow all rules. Turning Leaf Cabins cleans and chemically sanitizes all hot tubs prior to each guest arrival; therefore, Turning Leaf Cabins assumes no responsibility for any occurrence associated with hot tub usage.

Personal Items: Use of personal firearms or fireworks are prohibited. If you are found to have either in your possession during your stay, you will be asked to leave with no money refunded. Any personal items left behind or lost during a stay are the responsibility of the guest. We are not responsible for items left behind or lost. However, we will ship back any items that are found (per guest request) by a local shipping service. The shipping charge will be directly charged to the guest's credit card. We hold on to any items left behind for 30 days to see if they are claimed before disposal.

Campfires: Due to the deep wooded surroundings and site terrain, we DO NOT allow campfires of any kind on our property at this time. We do provide a gas grill for cooking but the possibility of a forest fire from sparks and underground root fires are just too high.  If evidence of campfire is discovered on the premises, your deposit will be retained and you will be asked to leave immediately.
Pond:  No lifeguard on duty.  Swimming in the community pond on the premises shall be done at your own risk.  No ice skating in community pond on premises.  Please supervise all children near the community pond.  Catch and release fishing is permitted.

Terrain: Please be aware that we have maintained a rustic and natural setting inside and outside our cabins.  Our access drive is gravel.  Please be advised to watch for loose rocks, rugged and uneven footing and potentially hazardous conditions. 

Weather: Turning Leaf Cabins does not provide refunds or discounts as a result of any weather issues (snow, storms, high winds, rain etc.).  

Pests and Wildlife: To ensure the best possible guest experience, we perform regular pest control maintenance on all of our cabins. Because our cabins are located in wooded areas we cannot guarantee that they will be pest (including lady bugs) or creature free. While we cannot offer refunds or discounts for these types of problems, we will be happy to assist guests as needed. Please contact us to report any problems.   Approach wildlife at your own risk.   

Motorized Recreational Vehicles: We do not allow motorized recreational vehicles to be used on the shared grounds. This includes quads, dirt bikes, go carts, etc. We understand that some of our guests may be visiting trails in the region so parking of these vehicles is allowed, but they may not be operated on premise or the grounds of the adjoining community.  

Damages: Guest agrees to leave the premises in a clean, undamaged condition. Guest understands and agrees that they are solely responsible for any damage to the premises or furnishings. The undersigned assumes all liability in regards to any damages to the cabin during their stay. Undersigned also agrees that any losses or damages incurred by a guest during their stay will be charged to the credit card on file with Turning Leaf Cabins.  Any damages or problems not reported by the guest upon arrival will be charged to the guest.  Inventory is taken before your arrival and upon your departure and any items found missing or damaged will be your responsibility.
Any extra or excessive cleaning (including trash or cigarette butts on grounds( upon your departure will result in a minimum of $100.00 on the nature of the mess and/or damage. 
Any theft, vandalism or evidence of drug use will be photographed and reported to the police for prosecution.
Any cabin that is left unsecured by the guest, resulting in items being damaged or stolen, will be the responsibility of the registered guest. He/she will incur the cost of replacing any items which are damaged or stolen.
The cabins are absolutely not to be used for loud/disruptive parties or gatherings that exceed the sleeping capacity of the cabin. If a disruptive party is discovered to be taking place in any of our rental cabins, the entire group will be required to leave. No refunds will be given. A charge for any disturbance to surrounding neighbors within the shared property’s 50 acres will also be assessed depending upon the violation. 
Any guest that we are forced to evict will forfeit all monies paid and no credits will be issued.

When Departing: Guests are required to leave the property in the same general condition it was when the guest(s) arrived. In order to help to keep the cabin cozy for the next renter, please adhere to the following rules upon departure:
All dishes must be washed and put away. 
Refrigerator should be left clean, free of all food, beverages and contents.
Bag all trash and place it in the dumpster, located at the beginning of the entry drive outside the main gate.
Turn off all lights and small appliances.
Set the heat at 60 degrees for winter months, or 75 for the central air during summer.
Be sure all blinds are drawn shut. 
Close and lock all windows and doors.

Turning Leaf Cabins 
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